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Artist Update: On The Art Of… #Spain ‘s own, @Salustianox1000 #NoCriticsJustArtists

SALUSTIANO Recently seen on;

Salustiano on CNN Espanol
SALUSTIANO art being given to the Dalai Lama as part of the ‘The Missing Peace’ project
Art Cover Magazine
Salustiano Garcia Cruz Beautifulbizarre


“Lee Daniels’ The @butlermovie” #NoCriticsJustArtist

The film  ” The Butler”, with Lee Daniels as Director, with  A list stars such as  Oprah Winfrey, Forest Whitaker, Terence Howard, Jane Fonda and a host of other great artist’s,  has been getting rave reviews. A true success , #1 at the box office, with $25 million the opening weekend.









…No critics at all