Don’t Miss It! Australian Day 2014 @ozday/ #NoCriticsJustArtists

Australia Day

Put a little Irish* in it! => ‘ Try @tap_tronic ‘ – The Art of… #NoCriticsJustArtists

Progressive fusion of Irish dance and electronic music

…No Critics At All

Don’t Miss It!!! *Carnaval De Negros y Blancos #NoCriticsJustArtists

The Largest Meeting of Races in Columbia

…No Critics At All

Meet: Tatsuo Horiuchi* Who created an extraordinary work of art, from an ordinary ^working^ tool #NoCriticsJustArtists

73 year old man uses Microsoft Excel to create Ancient Japanese masterpieces

…No Critics At All

Oldie But Goodie by #Stardust – ‘Music Sounds Better w/ You’ #NoCriticsJustArtists

…No Critics At All

The Art of… ‘Embroidery’, the wonderful world of-The Temari Spheres tradition* #NoCriticsJustArtists

Temari balls are a form of folk art that originated in China and were introduced to Japan in the 7th century

Embroidered Temari Balls

Click here for inf more about this ancient but still relevant art form

…No Critics At All

Global Artistry

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