October Game Changer of the Month* Brandon Bain of @capsulocity {dot com} #NoCriticsJustArtists

New to the game, is a humble ‘Cool-Hep Cat’ (Yes-Hep!) by the way of Brooklyn, New York. And by the game, we mean, the ‘Modern Art Movement’ scene. Vocalist & CAPSULOCITY founder, Brandon Bain has blended new media and the richness of classic Jazz; resulting in a ‘ fresh-new’ variety video series entitled; CAPSULOCITY [bridging both eras together.]

The series features emerging Jazz artists from New York.

While many music geared video series, now days, lose its sizzle just after a few months from monotonous content, CAPSULOCITY has a niche that can make its copycats think twice about trying to duplicate. “That’s Killin’ is the segmented niche CAPSULOCITY will host to separate themselves from the rest, the segment will feature artist within the same genre (Jazz) performing an unrehearsed piece.

“It’s just a raw and great moment!”

Magic happens. It an exclusive, unrehearsed moment. That’s what Capsulocity is about.”

-Brandon Bain

JazzCap Interview Series airs Wednesdays 

That’s Killin’ airs Fridays

Capsulocity Presents airs Saturdays 

Left Image: Elliot Mason (Jazz at Lincoln Center Orchestra) and Brad Mason (Christian McBride Big Band, Diana Ross) a.k.a. “The Mason Brothers” will appear soon on Capsulocity.  Right image: Tivon Pennicott and Troy Roberts, two top-notch saxophone players will duet on the “That’s Killin’ Vol. 2” series.
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All images are courtesy of CAPSULOCITY.com 

…No Critics At All

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