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NCJA Global Motion Picture of the Month: #Bengali #Film ‘2 girls’ by Marc Speroni #NoCriticsJustArtists

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The documentary is based on the research:
“Time to look at girls: adolescent girls’ migration and development”.
by Nicoletta Del Franco, Marina de Regt, Katarzyna Grabska,.
Supported by: Swiss Network of International Studies (SNIS).

Lota comes from the poor rural area of Bangladesh and dreams to improve her status and gain economic independency. She moves to megacity of Dhaka, finds shelter in a slum and starts to work in a garment factory. She works 12 hours a day, earning 50 cents of a dollar per hour.

Tigist, Ethiopian girl, was ment to have more priviledged life. She was born in a family of two teachers, but after both her parents died in a car crash, she became a victim of abuse by her relatives. Escaping from a situation of enslavement, Tigist ends up on the streets of Addis Ababa. Without a place to sleep or anyone to call for, she is quickly surrounded by predators and has to fight for her surivival.

2 Girls is a character-driven and observational documentary about two young women, who are linked to each other through a universal journey of poverty and abuse for the sake of dreaming a better life. It’s a heartbreakingly harsh journey, where Lota and Tigist meet their hopes and destinies. Yet, despite their tough lives, they reveal an inner strength and great dignity. They come from poverty, they fall into even worse conditions, but they never stop striving to improve their state. Overwhelmed by global injustice and gender-oriented abuse, Lota and Tigist manage to keep their souls uncorrupted by the wrongdoings they face.

The story of 2 Girls is a story lived every day by millions of girls all around the world but rarely has it been told with the same power of testimony than in this documentary,

GOD’S PLAN* by #Canadian #recordingartist @Drake cc: #KarenaEvans & @iDirectorX bcc: @OVOSound #NoCriticsJustArists


[ #Historia ] #Inspiración diaria en español via #SidneyPoitier Brought to you by *Big Beans of @SUAlgoNuevo #NoCriticsJustArtists

Oldie But Goodie: ‘2 Legit 2 Quit’ by American Entertainer, @McHammer #NoCriticsJustArtists

“…My people we don’t know defeat, we crush the strong and
percolate the weak – daily…                                                                             2 legit 2 quit!…”

Art In Reflection: Bill “Bojangles” Robinson – America’s Tap Dancing King #NoCriticsJustArtists #EducatedFeet #DancingKing

NCJA Game Changer of the Month, 歐陽靖 (Jin-Au Yeung B.K.A MC JIn) @iammcjin #NoCriticsJustArtists #iknowhim

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