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Meet #British #Muralist , David Walker #NoCriticsJustArtists

David Walker
David Walker

The Art Of… Thinking Outside… The Box & in the water* that is… Meet: Yasuhiro Suzuki* #NoCriticsJustArtists


The Art Of… The ‘Graphics Interchange Format’ B.K.A ‘GIFs’ #NoCriticsJustArtists


Global Gallery Of The Month: #寶勝畫廊 ( X-Power #Gallery ) in #Taiwan #NoCriticsJustArtists

NCJA Global Gallery Of The Month: @SaskiaFernando in #Colombo #SriLankan #NoCriticsJustArtists

NCJA Global Gallery Of The Month: The #Bermuda #National Gallery #NoCriticsJustArtists

Cultural Treasures on Display
This national cultural treasure exhibits temporary and permanent collections of international art. Paintings from European masters, African sculptures, modern pieces and photographs comprise the museum’s collection. One section of the museum is devoted exclusively to the works of local artists


NCJA Favorite & Global Motion Picture of The Month: @RoubadoFilm #Directed by @WatsonErica #NoCriticsJustArtists #RoubadoFilm

Starring: Darrell Lake, Jean-Pierre Vertus, Mickaelle Bizet, and Tiffany Tenille

Alain Castelo is an introverted, Afro-Portuguese teen growing up in the South of France. As he suffers his parents’ recent breakup, the only solace he can muster is his penchant for photography. When his mother’s new live-in boyfriend crosses the line, Alain’s eyes are opened to the world and he can no longer hide behind the viewfinder of his vintage camera.

Written & Directed By: Erica A. Watson
Produced By: Tierney Young, Daniel Willis, and Joshua Clark
Cinematography By: Tommy Maddox Upshaw
Original Score By: Jongnic Bontemps
Trailer Edited By: Kellie Scott


Images via RoubadoFilm